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Mediterranean roast seabream

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

On the rare days that there is nothing booked into the studio, we get

treated to having our lunch cooked for us by Peppe and Ale, our two

southern Italian stage managers, they come into the kitchen and I am

shunted off into a little corner while they completely take over to make

whichever dish they have settled on that day.This beautiful light fish

dish is one of their regulars and our favourites, it is so simple and

straight forward to make. All it should be served with is fresh bread and a lightly dressed green leaf salad.

Serves 2   200 degrees

2 fresh whole sea bream - gutted of course

15 cherry tomatoes, quartered

1/2 small jar of capers, drained

olive oil

A good splash of dry white wine

Salt and pepper

Making sure you fish are scaled, just ask your fishmongers, place them in an oiled large high sided baking tray, toss in your quartered cherry tomatoes and capers. Add a generous helping of olive oil and white wine.

Cook for 15 mins, you will know its done when the skin comes away easily from the fish.

Use a fish slice to remove the fish in its whole to a plate and spoon

over plenty of the cooking juice making sure to have lots of tomatoes and

capers in the mix and lots of fresh bread to hand to soak up the lovely juices

as you eat.

Photo by Peppe Cerezo

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